Overview of ‘Puriton’ & ‘Kadesh-99’


The Natural Steroid Replacer (NSR) paved the way to create Kadesh-99 and Puriton, two innovative materials for the next generation.

Most pharmaceutical companies would not have progressed to present-day standards without the development induced by steroids. Steroids as a hormonal treatment have long been used to heal the immune system. Although the use of steroid products may sometimes result in serious side-effects, there are no other viable alternatives that have been as effective. However, Kadesh-99 and Puriton will accomplish what steroids could not: A 100% natural treatment with no side-effects.

New materials such as the ‘Natural Steroid Replacer’, ‘Kadesh-99’ and ‘Puriton’ are physical manifestations of innovation in science. Ever since the research started for development of detoxification solution against chemical warfare, we have studied natural curing phenomena and metabolism by natural materials, such as the detoxifying secrets of bee sting venom and zeolite decomposition prevention through the vibration wavelength of tourmaline. Despite the seemingly endless experiments, series of trials and errors, failures and other significant efforts over the course of 20 years, it was beyond our capabilities to receive the permission in the paradigm of medicine.

Fortunately, due to the persistent research and collaboration with many professionals and scholars from US universities in the field of mineralogy, we were able to achieve a NDC (National Drug Code) from the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and successfully release the aforementioned materials as an over-the-counter medical product in the market. It is an internationally unique accomplishment to receive a medical product permit solely with 100% natural minerals. In fact, Kadesh-99 and Puriton prove to be tangible proof of the successful and significant efforts over the last twenty years.  

The role of Kadesh-99 and Puriton will be as effective and infinite as steroids were in medical products. The medical products combined with Kadesh-99 and Puriton can bring forth rapid fundamental treatment effects as well as toxicity-free medication. From various experiments we were also able to prove that Kadesh-99 and Puriton, the natural steroid replacer, does not bring about any side-effects to human body, as proven through the analysis of test results provided by the US FDA, which indicated the stable and safe status.

A Far Infrared Ray (FIR) was developed and introduced by the Kadesh Research Institute. FIR is a substance that is extracted from natural minerals by a hyper-particle reaction, and is formed with inorganic ultra-mineral molecule in liquid form with an anion size of 10-18 and -224mv. The anion generates the FIR of 9.2 mm with a velocity of 860 m per second. This particle wave movement of the natural minerals and the individual anion movement gives the FIR its innate ability to bring out the natural curing effects in various symptoms.

The mineral particles in natural minerals are generated through FIR only after heating in exceptionally high temperatures. Therefore, Puriton, which is composed of many natural mineral particles makes it ionize (electronic size) on a nano scale of subminiature particles through the special heat treatment and reaction process with the characteristics of particle & molecular composition in natural mineral status. As an ultra-narrowed liquid substance, the liquid ionized mineral substance (Ultra Inorganic Mineral Molecule), not in mineral powder status, comes in and out the human organs (activates in ion status) and generates the FIR as well. The Puriton substance can be penetrated and observed deep inside the minute capillary vessels within the human body by the quick ion particle movement. The ionized substance from Puriton heals the various diseases and injuries in the nervous system and circulatory system by getting rid of the internal wastes that prevent the body from returning to its original state.

This FIR generation accelerates the metabolism of all organs and stabilizes its conditions. It promotes blood circulation and helps cultivate better ventilation through the minute capillary vessels, and neutralizes the blood pressure system (high- or low-blood pressure) by expanding or reducing blood vessels. With the vibrations of FIR, internal toxic gas (for example, carbon dioxide, sulfurous acid gas, etc.) as well as heavy metal pollution materials will be discharged from the body. In addition, it stimulates the hormone system for strong secretion, and the physical particle movement induces close to optimal status for recovering health and vitality. FIR will contribute to the treatment of incurable diseases in the modern era from the perspective of recovery functions provided by natural curing. Therefore, we have high expectations for both Kadesh-99 and Puriton.

Kadesh-99 and Puriton are both colorless and odorless and consist of a strong Alkali pH level (pH level after electric disassembly or modification will be very flexible). When it comes in contact with the human epidermis, it will not bring forth any side-effect or reverse-effect, it will remove wastes in the body, purify and balance for anti-oxidization, and discharge the heavy metal pollution materials from a range of symptoms efficiently. Therefore, we look forward to the qualitative effects of the materials in balancing and equalizing all organ functions. As composites of minerals and organics, it penetrates quickly and deeply inside the skin, promotes immune functions, activates anti-virus/anti-bacterial functions, and accelerates cell functions. It is safe to say that Puriton has the potential to be the prevention and treatment that trumps any existing medical product on the market today. Its memory-storing capabilities also allow it to store electric information in liquid form. There are no other materials today that can execute this ability as of current official reports.

Just as penicillin opened a new era in eradicating human diseases, Kadesh-99 and Puriton, the natural steroid replacer, will contribute in eradicating human diseases and additionally enhancing the quality life. From a wider environmental perspective, both of these materials are essential in providing a rapid detoxification solution in the event of chemical warfare.

Currently, the research team in Kadesh, Inc. continues to collaborate with many pharmaceutical companies and researchers for further enhancement, innovation, research, and development. We are both willing and able to expand our network of forward-thinking individuals who collaborate to provide advantageous solutions on a worldwide scale.