Puriton® FAQs

Brief Company History

 According to research studies, humans have historically used clay minerals and other natural minerals for over thousands of years to heal and cure diseases. Based on this fact, Kadesh Inc has been doing researches on mineralogy over the past 20 years. Our extensive researches and core philosophy of the company is to provide the purest products led to the development of an innovative new mineral extract what we called Puriton®. Puriton® refers as Puriton® Electrolyte Enriched Water in our products.


Puriton® offers the best in mineral-based skincare and wellness products. Every Puriton® product is made with Puriton® Electrolyte Enriched Water and other essential ingredients.

What type of minerals are in the Puriton® products? Where are they derived from?

Based on the clay mineralogy, Puriton® is based over 31 different kinds of minerals. Each and one of the mineral ingredients proved their effectiveness from numerous research for their specific features.

Does it need to be refrigerated?

Please make sure to store Puriton® products at room temperature with its contents completely sealed. Storing at temperatures above 120͒F will damage the products.

Does Puriton® family of products contains alcohol?

No. All of Puriton® family of products replaced alcohol and water with Puriton® Electrolyte Enriched Water.


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