We offer the best in mineral skin care formulated by expert mineralogists.

we make innovative, simple and skin-friendly products with Puriton®.

Every Puriton® Products are made with Electrolyte Enriched Water.

Skincare made by mineralogists...


Over the course of 20years, Kadesh Inc, Puriton®'s Parent company, collaborates with many professionals, scholars and expert mineralogist in the field to formulate innovative, simple and advanced technology, we proudly produce our products in U.S.A under Good Manufacturing Practice.

"Soil is the basis for all human life"


Alexis Carrel, a Nobel laureated

Replenish the skin from the inside out

We believe natural beauty starts with the Earth's mineral resources.

After hundreds of studies and experiments by many professionals, scholars and expert mineralogist lead to the discovery of new used for Earth's mineral recourses for skin beauty.

Our products are made with carefully selected 31 mineral extracts and skin-friendly ingredients.

Simplicity is the key

We believe that you do not need to suffocate your skin with heavy and unnecessary products!

At Puriton®, we embrace simplicity of the Earth's natural mineral resources as we carefully-formulated our products with skin-friendly ingredients to minimize your routine so your skin can be happy again.