Puriton Mineral Water Tests & Experiment

Immune Function Test

Based on DongShin University's oxidation experiment result, macrophages [play a significant part in immunity and immune responses] prolierated when encountered with Puriton® mineral water. (Macrochages RAW 264.7 Cells)

Anti-bacteria Test

Purpose of Test:

To examine Puriton’s anti-bacterial function toward 5 types of harmful bacteria. [E.coli, Staphylococcus,
Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Candida]



In the purified water, the concentration of bacteria had either remained or grown in size after the 24 hour period. In contrast, Puriton (Sample M1606100023) yielded no bacteria after the same period of 24 hours. Additionally, within a period of 7 days, no bacteria had regrown in the water sample.

                                        - Adamson Analytic Lab






Lactobacillus Preservation Test

In Puriton® Mineral Water, the concentration of lactobacillus has increased in size after the 24hours.

-Adamson Analytical Lab

US FDA Toxicity and Irritancy Test

  • As the following results demonstrate, Puriton has received
    • non-irritant” for skin irritancy,
    • “minimal-irritant” for occular eye irritancy,
    • “very mild to non-irritant” for toxicity which affects liver function.
  • Therefore, in all three tests, Puriton marked high safety levels. 
  • These test results reflect Puriton’s viability to be produced as over-the-counter products with no necessity for further tests.

Anion MV Measuring Test

The most beneficial function of anions is its ability to neutralize free radical and turning toxic-free.

Free radicals attacks healthy, normal cells and make damages to them, attack, blood vessels, and may eventually lead to arteriosclerosis, stroke, and heart diseases.

As anions neutralize such free radicals carrying toxicity, anions which are absorbed by our skin, respiratory system, and digestion system can deliver negative electrical charges all over our body system and remove free radicals’ toxicity.

Far-infrared Radiation Test

Far-Infrared Ray is invisible yet beneficial wave to the human body. When it reaches the human body, it expands capillary vessels and stimulates healthy blood circulation and metabolism activities which eventually promotes the innate healing ability of the body.

Puriton generates strong FIR (Measured by Korea Far Infrared Association). Puriton is in a liquid state with ultrafine anion particles. When Puriton enters the body, the particles’ fast mobilization with the internal body heat leads to generate Far-Infrared Ray and resonance absorption. As a result, this FIR generation provides stimulation and mobility toward all parts of the internal organs and excrete accumulated toxic matters from the body.

Puriton has exceptional penetration ability and multiplies the healing effects.

Asthma [Certificate of Patent]

Alcohol Decomposition [Certificate of Patent]

Anti-oxidation Experiment

Anti-oxidation Experiment I

We have tested the process of oxidation with the ordinary batteries in the containers of many different popular waters along with Puriton. Once we put the ordinary battery in each separated water containers, we have checked the processes of oxidation in 7 months.


  • Testing waters: Puriton, purified water, tap water, purifier water, Sprite, Essence water, FI JI water, Qure water, 100% Premium coconut, S. Pelleg riono [10 different kinds


  • Testing date: October 17th, 2016


  • Testing condition: Put the regular AA-size Energizer battery in the sterilized container separately, and fill the 10 different waters in each container.

Anti-oxidation Experiment II

We have tested the process of oxidation with the coated nails in the containers of purified water and Puriton water as well. Once we put the ordinary coated nail in each separated water containers, we have checked the processes of oxidation in 2 weeks.

Experiment of Fermentation & Decomposition with milk

We have tested the process of fermentation and decomposition of milk. Once we put the regular milk in three different jars and leave in the room temperature; one without Puriton, one with ½ tea spoon of Puriton, and the other with 1 tea spoon of Puriton separately, we checked the result of those jars in 2 and 3 weeks. One without Puriton was rotten away, and the other 2 jars with Puriton were fermented just like cheese and even became eatable.