Balancing pH Levels prevents aging

Balancing your pH levels are the key to youthful-looking skin.

The best treatment for your body and skin is a natural boost for your immune system.



Is an inorganic alkaline liquid that generates over -275mv of anion. Puriton® helps to create the perfect balance for an ideal pH level in the body and helps boost the immune system.


Given that Anion is produced naturally, it releases a beneficial energy to the human body.

Puriton balancing pH levels prevents aging

Anion Measurement Result

Puriton anion measurement

Oxidation Experiment with Puriton®

The following photographs are from Puriton® Oxidation Experiment. The objective of this experiment is to see Puriton®'s ability to prevent oxidation by submerging batteries in Puriton® purified water. Each jar contains two batteries-the batteries in the left jar are submerged in Puriton® and the batteries in right jar are submerged in purified water. Within 2hours, the batteries in the right jar oxidized and changed the color of water while the left jar remained the same.

Oxidation with puriton